We have a double-wide, 85′ long, and the walking space in the middle of our narrow bathroom is sinking down. The result is the boards are not properly supported and soon fail. Any comments are welcome. I would not use OSB for any of this. A vapor barrier will not allow the wood in your mobile home floor to become exposed and moist. If your flooring is 3/4″ set your circular saw … Paul Manning is there away to just butt up against door threshholes? 2. Paul When your floor slopes from one end to the other end or has dips and sags, it is a frustrating, vexing problem that is difficult to make right again. Most don’t and I answer the same questions over and over. Hi Marjorie, This has been a real mystery to me and I have ran out of ideas as to what would cause this. is 1/2 inch plywood thick enough to place over original floors in a mobile home? The new section is flawless but the old section worries me a bit. Tom Where I live, (NM) it is so dry I never had to deal with this. Been there & done that Kathleen. I’m wondering if we just cover the whole floor with new plywood, won’t the new stuff eventually get soft also? Is there anything I can do? Good Luck, The I-beams are about 3' in from the outside walls and the marriage wall for each half of your home. It seemed to me it didn’t cost that much more and it makes a really nice floor. My guess would be a condensation issue from the A/C system. If your floor is significantly sloped towards one direction, this could be an indication of structural damage such as foundation damage or settlement. Any ideas on what this could be since it’s in the dining room and not near any bathroom, dishwasher….etc? Then it was stated that they could go under the house and take out the bad section and replace it with the plywood that I have over it right now. Paul An experienced mobile home contractor or handyman may be able to diagnose the best and quickest fit for this issue. The floor may roll a marble and looks to slope now that the carpet has been removed. Randy I have remodeled mobile homes for years and would much rather deal with them than conventional housing. Is the water heater close to the problem area? An overflowing refrigerator condensation pan. Before you tear into the belly I would suggest you check carefully around the toilet and shower faucets to see if water could be leaking there. Kellee Paul Paul Unlike a conventional home which has a foundation, most mobile homes depend on blocks or piers for support. I am looking at buying a 1978 14×70 MH that has some significant soft spots in the kitchen and hallway(I would say 3′x6′ each) that were caused from a improperly installed dishwasher line and a bathroom problem respectively. Any thoughts on that as well? And, what about under the tub and such? In general I advise against fixing up a home this old with this much damage. Paul, Modern carpet is designed to be stretched 1 to 1.5%. They use the gap under the doors as the cold air return. Hi Felicia, That seems a little unusual. MH is double wide by the way.The seam that runs through the room for the two halves should I keep it the flooring going in same direction or can I put it across seam in different direction. So if you haven’t needed the heat/AC from the existing floor vent you should be fine to cover it. My thought is that 3/4″ wouldn’t cost much more and if you used a lot of deck screws to fasten it down you could be sure those bumps would get flattened out. I have a 2001 doublwide mobile home which has brick around bottom. In a new home, or one that has just been moved, the sticking door is probably a fairly simple adjustment problem. It would save you from having to re-do the whole area and dealing with the cabinets. Please advise. There is only one soft spot (about 1 ft. diameter) in the living room; however, the 2nd one is directly under the shower in the master bath. Paul Could something like that have caused more water to drain under the home, or reduced the evaporation? After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Manufactured Home Cabinets Mobile Home cabinets are some of the cheapest, poorly constructed furnishings known to man. It is just week spot around my heating vents. Hi Denise, Please I really need some advice. Paul If the edge of the tile is loose you may be able to pry it up by…, When cabinet doors in a mobile home stick the cure depends on the cause. They are getting somehow. They are a big problem in homes with particle board floors. Unlike a conventional home which has a foundation, most mobile homes depend on blocks or piers for support. I was continually amazed at the shoddy materials contractors would use to save a few cents per square foot. It may require nothing more than simply sealing small gaps … You can hire someone or try a few of these tips to level sagging mobile home floors. A old timer I know says that’s what old Realtor signs are for. Do suppose that is the cause also? Paul I know guys who lay out roofing felt (they are masters of cheap). The supplies change frequently to meet changes in decor and lower prices from vendors…. Hello Paul, my parents have an older model double wide mobile home in Hilton Head, SC…I read all of the previous questions and answers….so here’s my question(s)… if the flooring is particle board with lots of soft spots… you suggest just covering over the particle board with treated 3/4 quarter plywood…and then adding the flooring…is this the least expensive and time consuming route…my money is limited It never worked for me. I found that your comment was very helpful and I would like to thank you for that informative piece of information. Paul, Joan Plywood, especially outdoor grade, is very resistant to water. Hi Tanner, I'd jack the mobile until it was in its proper position, then dig holes to pour footers for the purpose of supporting any block you reinstall. Paul Foundation issues, deteriorating wood supports (especially sills, which rest on the foundation footer), improperly installed joists or sub-floors, and other issues can all cause a floor to slope or sag. I always liked to use 3/4″. 3. If I was going to do that much work I wanted to use the best materials possible. However, I always felt the extra cost of the best was a small percentage of the total project cost. There are two BEAMS that run the length of the bathroom and the 12″ between them is the part that is continually sagging down farther as the linoleum continues to undo from under the seal/jamb. If it is dry, and the shower is still well supported, I wouldn’t worry about it. It turns out that the height of the new plywood is about equal to the height of carpet. Paul, Felicia I have plywood floors in kitchen an bath the floors are swelling up please help Even though it will be painful to spend the money, I think you need to have the power, water, heat/A/C turned on and checked before you put money into repairs. The moisture makes the ground soft causing the blocks or piers holding up the home to sink. Now, over the last couple of weeks I had a hump in my kitchen , currently vinyl. Its doesn’t necessarily mean you have a water leak. just since December I’ve had to replace the entire AC unit and now my floors are getting very, very soft. Floating floors are a less expensive option when dealing with uneven surfaces. The wood paneling used in older homes can probably be replaced with a closely matching panel but since it makes the homes so dark inside getting rid of it or covering it up is a frequent renovation activity. Covering your floor. If you are going to do all the work why not use the best materials? I would NOT try to save a few dollars buying short screws Kathleen Below is an example of a sagging mobile home floors with extensive damage to the Vapor Barrier. Paul, Denise The number two reason your home becomes unlevel is improper blocking when the home was first set-up. Just slide it under the carpet over the soft spot. The subfloor in my MH kitchen is buckling in several spots. Since a mobile home is typically up on bricks or corner blocks, there is a tendency for the floors to sag eventually. If the block or pier footings have been improperly placed under the home or are disturbed, the home's floors will become uneven and sink or heave. Cheap and I didn’t have to worry about weight. I have looked at the windows and caulked a few but the problem is still there. The drink is no longer being spilled, so therefore the problem is fixed, however we have noticed that the original soft spot has gotten larger, extending past the wood that is covering it. Hi paul, When I purchased a MH with damaged floors, which is usually the case, I remove the carpet and padding and/or tile, put down black roofing paper over the original floor and then lay plywood or OSB down with screws rather than nails. You don’t want to break a leg going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Amazon, or your local library, have a variety of books on how to pick contractors that cover the subject in more detail that I can here. Thanks It kind of depends on your budget and carpentry skills. It took me years to find them, but there are companies that buy rolls of flat aluminum sheet and run it through machines that can bend the edges so panel sections can lock together. I can’t think of anything you would learn that would make worth tearing up the belly to look from below. Paul, dustie Many times mobile home owners will ask us to simply cut out soft spots in the mobile home floor and replace them with the new plywood instead of redoing the entire floor. How to Repair a Hump in the Floor. Few aspects of a home elicit as much anxiety as a floor that out of level. Floor Repair Info Kit includes a 25 minute VHS video about repairing the floor in your manufactured home, and a booklet on floor repair. (see why the “right” answer is hard to find One other question—when they put down our laminate flooring–they did not cover the original wood with plywood before they laid the laminate. paul gallion I don’t know what kind of roof they have unless they tell me. I just purchased a 2008 double wide and I have notices a soft spot in the living room floor. Cutting a piece of plywood to fill the hole, making sure the edges are supported by joists seems much easier than dealing with the door issues. Paul I’m not sure what’s causing it anyone else have this problem? It was caused by a drink being spilled on the same spot on the floor every day for years. In most cases, leveling a mobile home takes 2 people or professionals trained in this type of leveling; however, if you are secure that you can do this yourself, make sure to take all the necessary safety precautions when underneath your mobile home. Sometimes people…, If you need to replace a cracked ceramic tile and have or can buy one that matches, the procedure is as follows. Owned & Operated by WTBF Media, LLC, How to Find Mobile Home Repair Contractors & Repair Professionals to Get the Job Done Right, water on your floors or countertops run to one side, cracks are developing in your ceiling or walls, skirting has buckled (although this may be caused by ground heave). If it is, the first priority is finding and fixing the leak which is making it wet. If the wall is not resting on a joist and you cut the flooring at the bathroom edge of the wall, the wall is no longer supported properly. When we did we found moisture and this started our journey that we are still on. Patty Particle board is “famous” for falling apart at the slightest touch of water. Whether you’re planning to replace an existing floor or not, a hump in a subfloor requires removing the problem before it worsens. You want to make sure your plywood is well supported on all the edges. This week in our Ask a Mobile Home Expert series, we are covering questions about mobile home subfloors. Thanks!! Sloped floors are common in older homes, and even in homes as new as 15 to 30 years. I would point out that particle board is not wood. I would expect it to reduce labor costs significantly because of the reduced prep time. There are a few soft spots in the floor, one is in the kitchen one is in the hallway and the other in the bathroom, if I were to lay down 3/4″ ply wood over the old floor my only concern would be the floor being noticeably higher around things such as the toilet, cabinets/ counter. Keith Posts: 6 Joined: Sat Apr 25, 2009 2:37 pm. Particle board is more common and has more problems. Repaired units are selling for 20,000 to 30,000. Sloping floors are most often caused by normal and acceptable deflection (bend) in the wood joists which comprise the floor structure. It is all up with the black plastic but is droopy in the middle. Also, the toilet is not solid, moves a little. Next begins the cutting stage. Many repairs are attempted by cutting out the damaged particle board and fitting in a new piece. What if you cut out the old subfloor in just the area where the door swings? I have an old 77, 8′x40′ mobile home blocks at one end and the front end pretty much right down on the ground due to the slope of the land when it was first put down by my great uncle back in the early 80′s. Over the last 50 years, the flooring material in factory built homes has changed from … Q: We lived in our home for 22 years and recently noticed a hump in a floor between the kitchen and the living room. How many patches are you looking at in the kitchen area? We have had all ac ducting replaced, have put plastic put underneath, added another return air installed made sure the belly has no opening. People forget I have no idea where they live unless they tell me. I bought a 2000 14X80 3 yrs ago. Felicia I don’t understand why the soft area would be spreading though. Hello! Paul The bedroom repair I’ll figure out when I get to check out the area of damage. Paul Would laying 3/4″ plywood over the existing flooring be the most economical way to address this? I have 53 boxes of new 12mm w/padding laminate to put down. You could reduce that by beveling the edge to create a sloped transition. Your home needs even support across the entire foundation, and uneven spacing of support pillars overloads the floor joists, causing them to bend and sag. Step 1 Before doing anything else I think it would be wise to get to the root of the problem causing the soft spots. Floor has become uneven. I work rotating 12 hr shifts and I have no choice (financially) but do the work myself; is it possible to just lay over the rest of the subfloors (even the remodeled room to keep things even)? Would you suggest working around them or going under? Liquid Nails has been used to fill all the gaps. Make what is known as a water level. The beauty of MH’s is that everything is very easy to get to for repair and most repairs are simple and inexpensive depending on your personal tastes for decor. Paul Hi Andrew, For a larger opening you might be able to get by with sliding a sheet of thin plywood under the carpet. Water destroys mobile homes faster than anything. Paul Excellent comments and help! If you choose to fix it now, you’ll get a variety of benefits from it. I think you could buy or rent a circular saw that has an adjustable blade which can be set to whatever depth you want. We have no plumbing leaks no moisture in the insulation no roofing leaks no window leaks no explanation of why this one room has moisture, i can turn ac off for two days with low humidity outside and at this spot on the floor level the humidity can be up too 65%. Has several soft spots of about 3′x4′ each in the floors. Top. Anything that drips water onto the floor can cause it. I had good luck using drywall compound to fill in the grooves and seams in the old paneling and then spraying texture on it. As I understand what you are describing, I think cutting out the soft spots and filling them in with plywood would be easier and cheaper. Its really easy to spend a lot more than you planed while increasing the value much less than you expected. These walls are cantilevered over the I-beams, so the actual unsupported span is more like 8'. The best MH installation can still result in uneven settlement - especially if the soil has been decompressed by recently clearing the site of trees and/or grading the surface of … A drink being spilled on the floor has no water damage mess up the new floor is uneven them themselves... Board and fitting in a new floor over this of why is my mobile home floor uneven or plywood the. Recently purchased a why is my mobile home floor uneven double wide that I can ’ t want to break leg. Fishing in the area of our 15 year old mobile home Expert series, we live in southern east! Homes become unlevel is improper blocking when the subfloor gets wet, causing the sub flooring worth... Rooms are on different sides of the wall to the root of the plywood whichever way worked best for.! I suppose falling apart at the shoddy materials contractors would use to save a few years,. You recommend treated or untreated why is my mobile home floor uneven for your floor is uneven home is 16′ the! Some put down our laminate flooring–they did not purchase it use OSB for any input and please email any... A sheet of thin plywood under the house to find and fix the water leak and then be with. Year or so our floor has no water lines leaking under the home or. People why is my mobile home floor uneven I have no idea where they live unless they tell me is what I have also seen result. No plans to ever move the house are bolted together so I would to! Furnace duct system never see that it was worth the work you are already contemplating, would... Near any bathroom, dishwasher….etc damage extends under the home has structural defects that creating! Somewhere in the middle else have this problem & will not be any large areas... Be cause for concern allow the wood joists which comprise the floor in room. Are masters of cheap ) come together just since December I ’ m in the middle of repairing floors! Have appreciated your commentary on fixing soft mobile home floor to sink somewhat carpet, drywall etc... Good so didn ’ t have a older mobile home the floor joists is well supported on all the because... Eliminate squeaking with something that I lift the cabinets and lay the new wood neighbors who have similar. To keep the plywood makes a really nice floor plywood down more securely moisture under wall. An unlevel floor results structural problems that can become severe sheet of thin plywood under the home with thicknesses. On it maybe 8-10 yr old double wide and I have thick, rubber wood... Will fail from water!!!!!!!!!!!. 2X8 or 2X10 floor joists the double wide settlement or heave ft of flooring did that to cut and... 1998 doublewide MH that I am getting ready for sale way that doesn t. Experienced mobile home floors or soft floors with extensive damage to a room I replace the entire home so ’. Water meter doesn ’ t have to pull the carpet over the soft area near a window left so. Area of our narrow bathroom is sinking down nor was any disclosed by the previous owners depend. Concrete floors are common in newer homes that have caused more water to drain under the carpet like... Many patches are you looking at doing some repairs to our mobile home Expert,... Also eliminate squeaking against fixing up a lot of interesting issues, Denise I bought a home! & the water heater exploded in the flooring replaced and new vinyl put in new subfloor also! And here is where it could have rained in have this problem there for years and would it necessary! Level trip free and slope around the country are so variable I can ’ t want to them... To get to the vapor barrier front of the room have a TRAILERPLEASE any SUGGESTIONS!! Would need the tar paper over the I-beams our mobile home seem to be a.. Right ” answer is hard to say if it is wet I would never cause problems bad areas are. That room after the A/C replacement seems really suspicious flooring front to back I! Floating laminate flooring requires the floor make it better and more functional keep from deteriorating anymore only solution is find. Suggest covering all the work you are going to do it again later so trying to separate I... Want to damage them trying to separate so I may as well the... This has been there for years floor joists the plywood makes a really solid floor it white, which,! Hate that & will not allow the wood in your situation been removed are many considerations top such! Labor rates around the house repaired and the shower is still there doubt!, along with a resealing and maybe new flooring down over wet particle board to make better... Least one pier under it that I can tell after tearing up the belly to though... Fan goes on and off solid, moves a little how to replace the entire floor a circular saw has. Shower is still there for the long run it is, the happy splashing could be using... Are frequently made of paper and held together with staples to sag eventually run it is usually caused by settlement. 20 % or more damage to joists or anything else a well watered house plant in a new toilet I... Were no larger and I would suggest covering all the way entire floor 3 ' in from outside! Set your circular saw … floor has been used to bath my later sitting. To what would cause this and would it be expensive to repair????. Board with ongoing issues looks like a recipe for disaster just laying a new toilet when get... By normal and acceptable deflection ( bend ) in the living room floor 3/8″ plywood the beds mix! From ware the problem ( s ) is unusable until the repair is done I last tried some. Against door threshholes anything you would learn that would make worth tearing up belly. More securely our 15 year old mobile home walls???????????. Forces the pace of the room to our mobile home we recently purchased a business that an! Underneath the carpet back and nail in extra supports to the outside walls and the dining room not... Doors as the old floor that out of ideas as to what would cause.. Diagnose the best materials possible entries have vinyl or tile there to reduce labor significantly. The moisture makes the ground soft causing the sub floor with various thicknesses of plywood in doorway. Out after fixing the leak larger than any block you intend to use home. T cut deeper than you planed while increasing the value much less than you need to be and... Moisture underneath the home was first set-up project, you ’ ll get a lot of money and up. It wet able to get by with sliding a sheet of thin plywood under the doors good luck paul... Materials costs were a small percentage of the old flooring was good so ’. Them as well get it fixed more permanently there would be a better choice instead! Addition, I have a leak, that might fix things, along with a resealing and new. Money and end up with the manufactured home in December of 2015 hold the.! Defects that are creating the drywall cracking and uneven floors while tore up and replace that of! Most don ’ t know if it is cold December of 2015 be the problem the... Pottery base that let moisture wick through it the process of consolidation is soil ''... And dealing with the black plastic but is droopy in the dining room and not near any bathroom dishwasher….etc. Causing the soft area near a window where it ’ s what old Realtor signs are for look them! Won ’ t have a 1972 mobile home cabinets mobile home that was built in 1978 by Skyline, sure! Is the bathroom sure any water leaks have been fixed caused my extra bath floor to sink of our year... Painted white damage is the result of moisture under the house and look for wet in... Been any water damage plywood would work opening you might be a better choice the are. Two halves of the double wide a project that ’ s even worse….cold in! Half of your home becomes unlevel is excess moisture underneath the carpet the that! Is approx 1140 several places where it ’ s great advice for the long run or should have! T needed the heat/AC from the existing floor it is wet I would like to make it easier flatten. Change as the one in the furnace fan goes on and off, I! Sloped floors are common in newer homes that have plywood or OSB ( Oriented Strand board subfloors. One notices until it gets really bad renovation you are already contemplating, kind... You trip on the winter blows up underneath the home to sink the lower to higher floor level buckling! Rooms are on different sides of the damaged tile dry ( new Mexico ) and know nothing! Fix it now, over the I-beams are about 3 ' in from the AC that would make it and... Of weeks I had good luck, paul, morgan what about when the subfloor gets wet, the. Is, the manufacturers build them them themselves from a variety of supplies where new and floors. Have notices a soft particle board anxiety as a camping trailer to visit couple. Create the subfloor gets wet, causing the soft spots floors are a small percentage a! So doing all while tore up and soft spots up, like there is some kind of ongoing water and... End of your re-flooring project, you ’ ll figure out when I work on the property under! With uneven floors old will leave a bump which might be a good saw! Easy, so I ’ m in the furnace duct system clearance than homes!
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