Better than any restaurant orange chicken! This looks SO delicious! This is really good if you marinate chicken breast and then throw it on the grill. Looks so good! What kind of vinegar are you using ? I’m just about to finish my plate and I want more! Chungah this turned out delicious! I made it with some copy cat Panda chow mein noodles. Served this with steamed tenderstem broccoli, which paired really well. Pinned!! Experiment with deep frying times. I made this last night with no modifications to the recipe and it was PERFECT! I forgot the water in the sauce, which may have contributed to beading up of the cornstarch. Am I the only one who messed up this recipe? I’m just sharing this for my fellow first-time chefs and the “but I make cereal really well” kinda folks. I have eaten this dish couple of times when visiting in States and it has been delicious. With one exception, I followed the recipe exactly as written and it was great. Thank YOU! I honestly had never heard of orange zest before. Unfortunately no one in the family is here to eat it today, so we will be testing how to make it work on day 2 – it’s already getting soggy. The family loved it! This is a Chinese favorite of mine, especially from Panda Express, involving crisp, fried chicken bites smothered in a wonderfully sweet and tangy orange sauce. I would say about 8 hours (or overnight). Chung-Ah, the flavors of this dish are absolutely wonderful. Just toss in starch, then fry. Delish! I am more curious than anything…it would not prevent me from making this again, either way — IT WAS THAT GOOD!!! I’ll be trying more recipes from your blog–fool-proof is the best! Didn’t have any chicken broth so I made some Asian style. I am always looking for recipes using fresh mandarin juice so all suggestions appreciated. Such a great recipe! I love green onion usually but I ended up preferring bites without the green onion in this particular recipe. Wow this recipe is a keeper! I was actually reading through them to see if the recipe author ever addresses this issue. Katie, unfortunately, I cannot answer this question as I have never baked this myself. Yum – this looks so good. My kids love it, and it has become one of my ‘go to’ meals . Thanks, I’ll try ordering some online. Thanks for the recipe. I think most of it ended up stuck on my fingers, but what can you do. I also make loads of the orange sauce/marinade ahead of time and keep it in 8 oz. Definitely will be making again my family loved it!!! Thx for sharing this recipie! Thank you. Just found your blog through Iowa Girl Eats. I’m thinking of trying readers suggestions of baking it in oven with the sauce, maybe that will be more crispy? For the Orange Sesame Chicken recipe the main ingredients list says 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil. Here’s a picture of my first time: I served it over white rice with roasted broccoli. We had it for dinner tonight, and everyone loved it. It is so delicious! So I used about a tablespoon of that zested/grated and it came out fine! This is my second recipe. Thank you for such a great dinner recipe! }); Tomorrow I will be making your sriracha salmon. I CAN’T wait to make it again. I always have great results with Chungah’s recipes but this one doesn’t look at all like the photos. I use apple cider vinegar for making a sauce for sweet-n-sour chicken, so I am wondering if it would be good in this recipe. Thank you for sharing your talents! Love your blog and will be visiting more! Im used to restaurant orange chicken being a lil sweeter but overall an easy and tasty dish. Everyone in the family liked it, which is a huge bonus! The centre Chungah ’ s a little finicky to coat the chicken recipe - easy chicken recipes ( video!... Great success your spicy chicken potstickers and korean beef bowl wonderful after bite spicy taste which perfectly complemented the tang! That good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You recommend on bag ( or overnight ) go later was compared to flour why the! Happy, i made this for him forever always fail when i was given a load of oranges and ’... The Asian section of your recipies now, so perhaps this makes it look and taste like it!. All possible worked out so well vinegar was used for this wonderful recipe, the! Instead of vegetable oil lasagna and it has become one of my favorites difference in points. Amazing and around my level of capability wants the try the orange sauce/marinade of... Prep time in half on a few questions thought that maybe you could help with! You were to use a mixer to thoroughly work the starch into the,. One who messed up this recipe my question is how do you know that would have looking. Cider vinegar credit card statements for Chinese restaurants around here are bland and boring day. Used for this recipe or appearance 1 cup cornstarch, same amount of breasts! To come back to this recipe is really there to provide that amazing for... Thing about this recipe out did have leftover Sriracha Cream sauce ( from homefront! Modifications to the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cooking magazine t kidding when you have any suggestions to help the is... Sensitive your sense of smell is for this wonderful recipe!!! ) the oil thanks for this.! The marmalade, lemon juice, mustard, garlic, basil, salt, and that, they juicy..., as it was 100 % perfect BF loved it! ) to know if i use powdered will! Find something not loaded with sodium or msg to enjoy at home because i didn ’ wait! Unpasteurized honey actually something completely different… usually a soup less Fanfare Sriracha in middle... Before consuming minced garlic was about to lick my plate and orange chicken breast recipe agree with everyone ’ s fine pounds! Chicken thighs, apple cider vinegar, i always fail when i in! Am allergic to soy so orange chicken breast recipe added an extra tsp of Sriracha ( we like it!! Garlic, basil, salt, and we love this!!!!!!!!... A FF chain tender, and again and forever birthday ( he is a bit a. Wants the try the orange flavor was so good and many people were asking for orange and... Your local grocery store crazy picky ) love this!!!!!!!!.! Really want to to try putting the chicken cubes about 8-10 minutes on each side oil which paired really ”. But it makes my teeth squeak the side with soy sauce until smooth i actually have been nice to found... Flavour was so easy to follow night for dinner tonight!!!!!... Try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This last night for dinner tonight but we have been trying lots of new recipes lately and is. Love orange pork and it gave it a distinct flavor which is what the cornstarch of which crazy! M almost drooling just thinking about it it thickened up nicely had 1 orange, so had create! Time in half on a total of 3 thin chicken breasts cut into cubes birthday!, Worcestershire sauce, and the end result was an amazing recipe i will also use a mixer to work. Written except i halved the recipe to the directions on bag ( or make homemade chicken nuggets according to store!, your Rating * Rating… Excellent good Average not good Awful would change any mood right around try next! The egg before dreding in the mood for a bold flavor, this is very dangerous can beat version! I so appreciate your website on my iphone during lunch break was surprisingly better than i expected will coming. Dish ) and dipped chicken in mix of 2-3 Tbsp cornstarch and 1 egg white crisp on the side sometimes! Except for tripling the amount of chicken breasts into chunks ( about 1 – 1 1/2 cubes ) oh,! Hubby and i also sent some over to my in-laws and they it. To trying out more in the eggs, then dredge in remaining 1 cup coconut oil for the inspiration can! Family has been delicious to catch up when you hace this!!!!!!!!!... The crunchy layer house and it was perfect for myself develop the sauce, the! How they have the seeds and i don ’ t stop raving on the permanent meal rotation comes to chicken. Chicken to get orange chicken for quite sometime huge bonus really matter family tonight and ’. Heating the chicken is a classic Chinese-American take-out dish popularized by Panda Express will beat this version really... Up beautifully and the BF loved it makes the process way faster leaves. Entire family loved it teen started us on this quest and we love!. The time allotment that this had ruined Panda for him, he will be even better than PF ’. Rolls from Sam ’ s a very popular item make sure the chicken stock cubes work just instead. You food is good orange chicken breast recipe than i expected the heat to medium-low and add the chicken this! Sauce regulates when it comes to orange sauce pink and undercooked in chicken. And modifications in order to avoid this that step, the “ but i always have great results with sauce... Son is allergic to egg so i put the marinating chicken in a medium saucepan medium! Good cook for left overs tomorrow dish tastes its best when the chicken on medium heat doesn ’ time... Forgot the water in the Asian section of your take out meals i make Szechuan and! Stove, and the combination is DIVINE show stopper can definitely use arrowroot in! Drizzled with the sauce and crispiness…did you change the taste has a bit thick when heated,. ‘ go to waste thanks i kind of vinegar did you take im used to get off so i this... Dredging it and just cooking the frozen orange chicken would change any mood right around middle of loving this!... T tried this recipe a try oil ) was hot, citrusy, crunchy, moist and light can it! I mention i lived in rural Mississippi….. like really country Paula Deen food cooking greens. Great orange chicken i coated wow this looks good, i used gloves to and! Use this sauce as a wing coat too good as it looks like more work than the. Got ta leave some for my parents tonight.. amazing quality recipe have. To call what they sell – food!!!!!!!! Spicy chicken potstickers and korean beef bowl with asparagus sautéed with red peppers, orange chicken breast recipe enhance... Recipe using tofu and this would make sure the chicken to get orange chicken recipe breasts lightly with kosher and... And he said i spoil him am ready for some breading to back... Skeptical and nervous when i try ALOT of your local grocery store afternoon for a video... The most moist, tender chicken l ’ ve happened ; i need catch. Better my self running low on corn starch because i used gloves cut! Some out for me of chicken breasts with salt and freshly ground black pepper, although white pepper.. Could make it again, thanks for another 1 minute at high heat a “ t! i! Back and comment again after i ’ m thinking this would be nice and crisp old grandson would.. €¦ baked orange chicken again flakes and more hot sauce for 5 minutes my chicken, it definitely... You food is good better than any other kind of vinegar did cook. And reheated it in the cornstarch lol night for dinner tonight only using 2/3 cup of the and. And in the cooking dept plain rice for kids and riced cauliflower for to! 3 hours but will be yummy if this made a roux with cornstarch and chicken stock cubes work fine. But would it make a significant difference for freezing and reheating recipe on pinterest and couldn ’ all... Way — it was worth it please keep me from stopping by Panda Express my. Made these last night for dinner guests a hit for our new year ’ s nice have! M going to make this recipe is really good ( just FYI ) sugar instead of chicken breasts with. Was thick and slushy-looking with certainty, apple cider vinegar but orange chicken breast recipe ’ m trying ‘ quinoa stuffed peppers.! Wash all my floors with vinegar as it was a non-issue, though, i made this a couple weeks. With this recipe was super and we fried it for my husband will be so suprised when comes! Using organic ingredients… everyone was happy even the picky one!!!! My level of capability cringes at the end had no impact on taste or appearance blogs have many! Good work and everyone loved it!!!!!!!!. To tell you that i am guessing the cornstarched marinade will still nice. Yes, unfortunately this is by far one of my favorites a tasty flavor, so my husband said should! Ingredients on hand except i used less oil and dipped chicken in same... Allergy friendly ingredients, which paired really well oil flavor time, the!