Which one? Knowing this design would be used for fighting and survival it has been made with VG10 Laminated Steel. Cutting wood and many other tasks will become a piece of cake. On that point, you will notice that the Fallkniven knives are thicker than most other knives, which adds to their durability. In that regard the company lists eight distinctive differences to the regular survival knives. The bit of metal at the end works as a hammer. It is one of the highest quality field-tested gear. I favor stainless for that reason. It is a little more refined than the ESEE 5 and a little more minimalist than the Parry blade. I still favor my Busse if SHTF though and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Including the handle, the overall length of the knife is 11.75”. With tougher construction and improved sheaths, these fixed blades will be the most reliable you own. The Fallkniven A1 was created as a military survival knife. Pages: [1] Go Down The only bad thing about this knife is the handle guard (Kraton instead of steel) but I heard that they now produce a cobalt steel A1 pro with steel handle guard. SKU: FKA1L. in my mind, the ESEE-5 is a direct one-to-one comparison with the BK5 an ESEE-6 would be comparable to the blade length of the A1 (6.5 vs 6.3) but the choil that ESEE uses reduces the cutting edge to 5.75". The Fallkniven A1 is an all-purpose knife on the larger side designed for heavy duty use. The blade runs entirely through the thermorun handle (full tang). Esee 6 has an unconditional lifetime warranty whereas the Fallkniven A1 has a conditional warranty of ten years. Remove this ad and much more by logging in. You’d notice that its lightweight feel and high carbon 1095 steel construction offer optimal sharpness and durability. Fallkniven A1: It has 10 years warranty, any wear and tear to the blade tip and other parts of the knife are repaired by the company only if it is obvious that the damage is the result of the material defect. A good sheath adds value to the working capability of the knife and gives it an impressive look and ultimate protection. Pages: [1] Go Down « prev next » Print; POLL!!! Its fine blade has a perfect balance and fabulously sharp edge, making it fairly justified.  Its textured and ribbed surface ensures a safe grip even if the hands are wet or slippery. Fallkniven actually means folding knives and now considered the famous fixed blade knives. Esee vs Fallkniven Knives, Swords & Axes. It got huge appreciation and A plus feedback from Randall’s Adventure and Training School. Esee 6: It is no doubt a well-designed survival knife and can do wonder in the woods. Esee6: The Esee 6 Company stands behind its knife ensuring the safety and defense of the user. I strongly suggest trying it for yourself. GBP EUR. SBaker34.  But equally powerful and a capable fighter. http://www.fallkniven.com/en/shop/details/20/10/military-knives/a1z. Ordered today, shipped tomorrow. RussianSurvivalist said: I have decided to get the Esee 5 first. The Fallkniven A1 surpasses international standards for strength, personal security capabilities, and value for money. The A1 would be an excellent choice if you could only have one cutting tool, It does everything well apart from fine slicing. KA-BAR Becker BK2 Expert Review. Weight: 220g Dimensions: 220 x 80 x 45 mm. This all-rounder knife weighs 12 ounces excluding the sheath. 793. YOU SAVE £ 29.00. In stock. Overview. I am looking for a all around durable knife to be able to do a number of things such as skinning, firemaking etc. 5” blade with the cutting edge of 5.7 5”. It is actually the Esee’s warranty that attracts most of the adventurers who are somewhat new in the camping world and the experts know well that which suits and serves them the best. And to sharpen the A1 you just need a soft pad (piece of mouse pad) and sand paper to keep the convex edge. And from a defensive point of view, it is considered ideal whether the attacker is a wild animal or a human being. The blade runs entirely through the thermorun handle (full tang). Tin dimensions: 60 x 50 x 15 mm. I favor stainless for that reason. Jun 16, 2010. The A1 has an overall length of 11″ (280mm), a 6.3″ (160mm) blade, and it weighs 12 ounces (305g). It works miraculously in the wild in terms of cutting, slicing, dicing, chopping, skinning or carving. 20 review(s) £ 269,95 £ 312,00-13%. ESEE knows best what a knife such as this needs. Because carbon steel will rust. Add to cart. 12 (46.2%) Total Members Voted 26. Fallkniven A1 is definitely drool worthy. It has a smooth grip capable of handling the toughest situation in the wild. Poll. Its official size description is “semi-large”, which works well for many individuals. The sheath and clip are not guaranteed unless they have some apparent manufacturing faults. But Fallkniven A1 is relatively expensive. Fallkniven A1: This is designed for heavy-duty use. YOU SAVE £ 42.05. Fällkniven F1 knives Fällkniven S1 knives Fällkniven A1 knives Fällkniven Pro knives Fällkniven X knives Fällkniven pocket knives. Even the respective reviews make them in a fix that which would be the smarter one to be their best camping partner. Spotlight: Mora Garberg. save hide report. Aug 12, 2008. This very feature makes it unbreakable and the favorite of survivalists as they know that full-tang knives are the right ones to have to avoid any kind of camping risks. Fallkniven’s blade measures 6.3” and 2.4” thickness have a strong cutting capability. Fallkniven, A1 Army Survival Knife. TWISTED SISAL MERCH - THANKS TO MISHEARDKNIFEREVIEWS: https://teespring.com/twisted-sisal-merch Remember to subscribe for more lunacy - hit the bell etc! The steel is the biggest difference. Strong as all hell and top notch steel. I like the design of the ESEE-6 the best. You should definitely look them up. So nice and light. The clip allows the users to wear it right on your belt. Home Pocket knives & multitools Fällkniven Fällkniven A1 knives Fallkniven A1, leather sheath Fallkniven A1, leather sheath. GBP. They are cheaper, have a better warranty and in my opinion are better knives. Because carbon steel will rust. For years this has been a very popular knife amongst outdoor enthusiasts. Outdoor knife: Fallkniven A2 vs ESEE Junglas; Hello Lurker! I love both of those knives for their brash no compromise looks and function. Add to cart. Will never buy a Cold Steel product again. Full flat grind with a usable choil, large handle. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. I am having a hard time choosing as they are both fabulously crafted knives, which have received high reviews. Fallkniven vs ESEE. The reason for its remarkable performance is that Fallkniven uses a newly-developed laminated stainless steel, with an edge consisting of the now-famous VG10 steel and with sides consisting of resilient 420J2 steel. 14 (53.8%) ESEE Junglas. Its VG10 steel having the hardness of 59 HRC is nearly impossible to break. SKU: FKA1k. It is a large knife with a very balanced concept. The Fallkniven A1 is a heavy-duty, all-purpose survival knife which is designed to last a lifetime. Fallkniven A1: This all-purpose knife is specifically meant for military personnel. The Kraton handle which is 5” long making its total length 11” allows to have the easiest and comfy grip. Fallkniven A1: The A1 has an exceptional ultra-sharp pointed blade ensuring your perfect protection. So nice and light. The Fallkniven materials are what really sets this knife apart. Esee 5 Vs Fallkniven S1 vs Esee 6 Esee 6 Votes: 6 20.7% Fallkniven S1 Votes: 13 44.8% Esee 5 Votes: 10 34.5% Total voters 29; Poll closed Sep 14, 2012. The A1 by Fällkniven's is one of the best blades in existence. But the overall sheath needs to be upgraded by the company which must be worthy of a knife. Please take delays into account. Blade length: 16,0 cm The RK sheaths utilize a taco (fold-over) design which gives excellent retention, strength and durability. Just could not measure up in any way against the A1. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. Other selections are welcomed, anything under $1500 preferably. 11 review(s) £ 263,00 £ 292,00-9%. Yet this knife cuts fantastic because of the hand-applied convex edge. Fällkniven A1 with convex grind. ... ESEE PR4 Expert Review. The A1 by Fällkniven's is one of the best blades in existence. Ordered today, shipped on Monday Free shipping over £ 50,-Returns within 30 days. Unbuttoning is often an issue, but this is not the case with the Fällkniven A1. Nov 24, 2010 #21. shunsui Gold Member Gold Member. My BOB started with a Ka-bar Utility knife (not significantly dissimilar from the Army model), but that got swapped out about two days after I got my hands on the fantastic Fallkniven. The ESEE Knives 6P is a hefty contender, thanks to its highly versatile design. TheAmericanOutfitter 60,728 views. 7:44.  Esee 6: The sheath of Esee 6 is not worthy as compared to the sheath of Fallkniven A1. The X-Series features Fallkniven's most popular models in better form than ever. ESEE knife sheaths; Fallkniven knife sheaths; Helle knife sheaths; Hultafors knife sheaths; MOD knife sheaths; Mora knife sheaths; TBS sheaths; TOPS knife sheath; Classic Bushcraft knife sheaths ; Laplander saw case; Pouches Belts Accessories . Fallkniven vs ESEE. It can be mounted on the backpack. The Esee6 sheath is not perfectly suitable to the amazing functionality of the knife. Grips. share. If using in the field the esee will need more care (oil). Login. Esee 6: It is a USA made survival knife. I have a S1 love it. My Fallkniven A1 is my primary bug-out-bag blade, paired with a Kellam Puukko. I much prefer ESEE. Rhinoknives1 said: ... Or SOG Navy Seal Knife Vs Esee 6 and the vast majority of users say "go for Esee you can't go wrong". 100% Upvoted. What are you looking for? Years of experience have been employed to produce these very fine cutting instruments. Outdoor knife: Fallkniven A2 vs ESEE Junglas 17429. Versus Esee 6 ($215.95) Made from 1095 steel, the Esee 6 model is one of the best knives on the market today. Falk A1 is longer than the ESEE 5 and a little shorter than the standard Ka-Bar. In stock. It has metal at the end serving for a number of various purposes. I do like the looks of some of the Bark Rivers. Esee 6: These knives are famous for their fantastic price. ESEE Knives 6P Highlights. This product has been ordered. Its full-tang blade can perform the finer task as well as the tougher ones. Fallkniven A1: You can hold the Fallkniven A1 with the utmost comfort. I had a Fallkniven A1 and currently own a ESEE 6 as well as an IZULA. Even if the handle breaks the knife does not lose its versatile ability of cutting, slicing and chopping. Each sheath is hand made and the retention is set so that your knife will be held securely in place until you need it. It has a 100 percent unconditional lifetime guaranty. I straight up love the A1 and will carry on using it in the future. TheFällkniven A1 Pro is the improved version of the well-known Fällkniven A1: the preferred knife of the Swedish army. It is big enough to deal with the hard tasks and at the same time small enough to do the delicate tasks. As I mentioned earlier, there is a real feeling of heft here. Since it seems Esee is indeed awesome (and I love my Esee) I'm wondering is there is a better knife out there for the same purposes that anyone here owns? no comments yet. High quality survival knife. When I compare the A1 with my Cold Steel SRK there really is no comparison – the SRK feels like a toy. This length is considered a bit more to do some delicate task. It can be claimed anywhere in the world and the company will do the same as they have already promised for the lifetime partnership of their buyers. There is a large notch where the blade adjacent to the handle so the whole blade can be sharped though it’s a hard job. Fallkniven A1: It is a famous Sweden based knife and was founded in 1984 in Boden by Peter Hjortberger. It began in 1997 by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin. This type of combat knife is made for situations in direct hand to hand combat and for general uses as a survival tool in between. After using both on a hunting trip in Africa for 6 weeks in the bush I gave the SRK away.  When not in use for a long time needs proper sharpening through a convex grind which is an easy task, unlike Esee which needs proper and regular maintenance. The development of the first Fällkniven knife, the F1, started already in 1987 as Peter Hjortberger received a request from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) for a new survival knife for the Swedish Airforce. Let’s have a look at their matchless features and extraordinary powers which make them the indispensable weapons for survival situations. Another thing that sets Fallkniven knives apart is the types of steel used & … I love both of those knives for their brash no compromise looks and function. Poll. The 6 mm thick blade is quite thick and extremely strong. Featuring the Zytel sheath, the A1 offers a neat storage option that is strong and attractive. It has a blade that’s 6.5” in length and is also very durable and sharp. Corrosion will be much less of a problem than the other two. And to sharpen the A1 you just need a soft pad (piece of mouse pad) and sand paper to keep the convex edge. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The Fallkniven A2 is an example of a knife of extreme durability that will never let you down, a knife that can stand up under incredible strain. ESEE 6: designed by real experts. The knife is superb at chopping as well finer daily cutting tasks thanks to the ergonomic grip. The Professional Survival Knives series by Fallkniven is a result of five years R&D, focusing on the well known survival knives F1, S1 and A1. Cause when you are out there in the wild for extended periods of time you need equipment you can rely on. I went with the slightly longer Fallkniven A1---it just works!